Why Engage®?

Discover the many benefits for your medical practice.

Consumers today have higher expectations – and more influence. Meanwhile, physicians seem to have less time to spend with each of their patients. This creates a situation ripe for miscommunication – with patient dissatisfaction the inevitable, unfortunate result.

The Engage® mHealth technology platform provides a cure for miscommunication along the entire continuum of care – while helping improve efficiency, outcomes and revenue for your organization.

Maximize efficiency.

Today’s physicians are under pressure to see more patients – and that requires balance to not compromise the quality of patient care. By providing a streamlined process for educating patients and their caregivers and securing informed consent, Engage® helps physicians spend less time repeating rote instructions – allowing them to focus their time on meaningful dialogue with those in their care.

The Engage® mHealth technology works on an iPad® tablet. This allows nurses and doctors to provide point-of-care service by bringing treatment information right to the patient. Patients and their caregivers can also view the videos on our Patient CareSiteTM in advance of their first visit, allowing them to better understand their options and formulate questions ahead of time.

Mitigate risk.

The Engage® mHealth platform can reduce physician liability by confirming the patient’s understanding, recording the consultation, allowing the patient and caregivers to review physician instructions online after the appointment, and documenting the consent process.

Satisfied patients are simply less likely to sue for malpractice...

Percentile Rank Vs Peers

And informed patients report greater satisfaction. In fact, physicians using the Engage® system report improvement in average patient satisfaction scores from the 30th percentile to the 90th percentile.


Gain further peace-of-mind for your practice by capturing a video or audio record of the giving of consent. Records are stored on a HIPAA-compliant server that can be accessed by the physician for medico-legal purposes (up to 10 years for adults and 21 years for children).

Manage outcomes.

The successful transfer of knowledge from the clinical team to the patient is critical to achieving intended healthcare results. Engage® improves this handoff. By helping patients and their caregivers better understand their care instructions, the system empowers them to own their outcomes. Complying with instructions decreases the chance of readmission.

Make more revenue.

Healthcare is a businesses. Physicians are caretakers. Engage® helps you manage that reality – improving cost-, clock- and conversation-efficiency. Physicians and patients can enjoy shorter, but more meaningful, consultations – and your business can accommodate more patients over the course of the day without compromising quality of care.

Our studies have shown an impressive ROI...

Among practices who use the Engage® mHealth platform. Savings are generated by reducing the amount of time that doctors and nurses spend with patients on admissions flow, leaving them time to focus on patient care.

Engage® can also help you secure maximum reimbursements from Medicare by meeting Value-Based Purchasing and Quality Payment Program criteria for patient education and use of EHR technology.

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